Greetings dear friends.

You are poised to not just witness, but be part of actively co-creating great transformational change on your planet.

Many of you have come here to this point in time and space from times long ago to reset the original, intended matrices and balance on your planet and to ensure that this balance remains intact, never to be compromised again.

This exquisite orb you call home is a living library and the jewel in the crown (so to speak) of the Universe.

There are many sacred, ancient codes set in place on your Earth/Gaia to protect the deep wisdom she holds within her. The codes and the knowledge which reside in Gaia are only accessible through the frequency of Love. This was one of the safeguards, among many, set in place long, long ago. Only in a true spirit of Integrity and vibration of Love can her knowledge and wisdom be accessed in its pure and elegant form.

As you collectively work together to bring increasing harmony to your planet, you are gradually creating an atmosphere where Mother Gaia can begin to bloom fully and reveal the great and beautiful wisdom she holds sacred within her.

There have been other civilizations on your planet in the ancient past where great wisdom was operating and flowering, at times far beyond what you are aware of now. In some ways you are very much at a similar crossroads as then – seeing great advancement, hi-level growth and enlightenment alongside the chaos of that which is not in the highest alignment and is seeking to be healed.

The difference now is that there are many, many more beings of light incarnate on the planet than ever before. You are all waking up to your own light and flowering into your full, divine expression while remaining in the physical. This is unprecedented and an exquisite unfolding on a truly grand scale.

While your individual spirit is blossoming in your life, any areas that are not in energetic alignment will naturally be brought to the surface to be balanced and healed so that you can continue your expansion and growth. Know that as you heal and clear your own wounds, fears and patterning within yourself which no longer serve your highest expression, you also heal your past and future along your soul lines and ancestral lines. Like the butterfly wings that create an infinite ripple effect outward, it is the same. All energy is connected and instantaneous.

We say this to remind you that the courageous work you are doing of deep inner discovery in order to bring your own unique light forward is the most powerful and valuable work you can do at this time.

As you heal yourself, bring yourself into balance and gather yourself into wholeness, you are quite literally, simultaneously healing all things across time and space. Healing yourself is healing the planet and triggering in others the knowing that this level of healing is also possible for them, whether they are conscious of this or not.

Continually bringing your own light forward, and creating and ensuring a safe, loving, nurturing atmosphere for yourself to do so, creates that possibility in all beings. Do you see that this mirrors the same process Gaia is going through? Take a moment and feel the beautiful grace of this connection in sharing a similar journey. <3

You are humble warriors on the Hero’s Journey, dear ones. Love is eternal and it is a non-negotiable. The entire universe is made of Love, from Love. It is allowing, benevolent, life-giving, expansive, life-enhancing energy. So how will this saga play out? Yes, you are right in the midst of it and anything can happen….but… we can remind you (spoiler alert) that in the end, good always wins out 😉

It is the greatest honour that we are able to share in this journey with you. We shower you and surround you in complete light and love. Please breathe that in and know that you are fully supported in every moment.

From our hearts to yours,

Council of Wisdom

• • • • •

In January of 2000 I began receiving downloads from my wise circle of guides and teachers who refer to themselves as the Council of Wisdom. They have never failed to shed light and lift me throughout the years, however I’ve never shared them until now. Here are the latest words of wisdom from them, so fitting in these times. In all ways, may you be blessed – Veronica