Just as words and sounds carry an energy signature vibration, so do numbers. When these align with other forces such as planetary influences they create an acceleration of sorts. The August 8th Leo gateway is literally a portal created by this combination of numerical and cosmological influence. Energetically it looks somewhat like a toy finger trap, those spiral woven children’s toys where the cylinder narrows as you pull it outward. The difference is this is woven of energy filaments of golden light and is not designed to “grip” but to accelerate and energize. As you travel through it, it narrows and creates an acceleration of force, a rush of energy. In this instance it’s focus is around the infinite potential of activated heart energy. This energy is then filtered through the unique patternings of each individual. You may have already been feeling and responding to the increased flow of heart energy. You may feel it also for days afterward. 

You see, the channel you are in now is similar to the rushing rapids of a river when it narrows into a chute; the flow intensifies and speeds up. Energetically there is both opening up of heart/infinite energy and speeding up of the flow. Because of this, it is a potent time to intentionally play with and practice letting the vibration of what you wish to create and/or express run through your body and vibrate your cells, DNA and whole being. In this way you can receive a quantum leap forward in the energy form you hold. 

So intentionality is where your power lies, both in opening, activating, and honoring the deep wisdom and potential of your heart AND what you choose to summon through you. You become that highly activated channel for this accelerated energy flow. 

What do you and your DIVINE HEART – want to accelerate? Magnify? Whatever you are called to embody now, imbue it with joy, love and unlimited possibility

We want to expound on the importance of intentionality. If you travel through this portal without any specific intention, you will still receive the infusion of energy, however, where it will be directed and what is energized will be more subject to default patterns and the whims of your monkey mind. For instance, if you happened to be highly triggered by a situation and you were unaware of the power of this time and focussed only on the negative impact the situation was having on you, then that is what will get energized and accelerated. Now you may end up ultimately bringing healing to that area so it is never “bad”, however it may not be comfortable or empowering for you. And if you know the power you hold you can become free to use it differently.

Energy is a neutral force of nature – it is YOU that hold the power to direct it in your own life. 

So this is an opportunity to stand more fully in your power as a loving, sovereign creator. For this is your essence, your galactic birthright. You always have this ability, however this is simply an accelerated and potent time, here to give you a boost if you wish to use it as such. 

It is like stepping into the quicker current of the river, into the accelerated flow, and doing this supports you as well! Catch and ride this wave and let it carry you forward. Allow it to lift you and accelerate you through this “tube” and carry you to your next dimension – your own quantum leap to your next soul/heart/star evolution! Allowing this to support you in this way can make the journey easier for you – it can be FUN and LIGHT!

Open your heart to this knowing, this possibility. It is time to let go of any old limited ways that ask your heart to remain “in check” and closed down. Let it bloom like a fresh flower reaching into, and filling with the warmth of the sunlight of divine love. Let THIS energy carry you. A powerful wave of divine universal heart energy. This 8/8 portal supports this unique kind of opening. It is here for you to drink from, to swim in, so we implore you to dive in! 🙂