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“I can’t recommend Veronica and her guides’ teaching enough. She is truly magical! Her one-on-one intuitive healing session alone (a bonus with this program!) is worth the price of admission.”

Lisa Dunford Dickman – Transformational Coach, Writer, Creator, LisaDunfordDickman.com

This is what V offers her clients. She’s a shamanic star-being that is all about energetic alchemy. She rides on the frequencies that you project your work to be as it goes out into the world.

With her guidance, the branding and design took shape. I awoke one morning with a rough draft of what it might look like and from there my truest expression was created beyond my wildest dreams. Truly, this is deep transformational work and this is what sets Veronica apart. She is an energy & design alchemist and a shamanic star who reminds you of who you are.

Kristy Scott – KrystallineEarthHealing.com

With Veronica’s help and guidance, in just a small amount of time, we have turned a long-time dream of mine to open a tranquility center, into a reality.  I am beyond grateful for our work together.

I could go on and on about how much our work has changed my life and my business. THANK YOU!

Michelle Woerdeman – Certified Life, Weight, and Career Coach​, CEO and Founder of Mind Balance and Wellness Living

“Veronica was able to receive messages from my guides instructing me on how to outsource my energy from the earth and above so as to not deplete my own. She gave me a sense of strength and abundance and capability which is exactly what I needed.

I’m now moving forward with excitement and curiosity rather than fear and dread — how much more delightful!!

Veronica’s wisdom is always spot on and she is able to tune into my souls highest good and the messages that will propel my growth and best self forward “

~ Hannah McKittrick, MyIntuitiveHealth.com

Just, WOW. The energy of this work is really powerful, palpable and a catalyst for my ongoing transformation. After our very first session I experienced a number of big integrations and clearings on both emotional and physical levels.

Working with you supports me in truly showing up in all areas of my life – both business and personal – in my full truth and authenticity.

Gayle Nowak – Visibility Sage, gaylenowak.com

Veronica, This is so beautiful. This is exactly the energy I needed to integrate into the new institute for leaders.

I don’t think I have ever created this way. It is so powerful and means so much to me. Thank you. This has been such a positive and wonderful experience for me to create my brand from the heart and soul. You are magical. Your process is so comfortable and affirming. I just feel like you get it so well. Thanks again.

Paula Forbes – Attorney, Retreat Leader, Facilitator, Executive Coach, Founder of The Finding Human Institute, thefindinghumaninstitute.com

“If you’re committed to your spiritual path, Veronica is the choice to go even deeper with that work beyond the transformational work you do with clients — though it absolutely will amplify that as well.”

Lori Raggio – InspireGreatnessCoaching.com

Collaboration is fun!! I arrived at my VIP day with a hazy idea of what I wanted my brand to be and left the next day with my vision, mission, POV, niche, brand vibration, brand promise, and basic look and feel – all down!! I rolled all those words up and took them home with me, confident that Veronica’s team would transform them into a stunning visual representation of my brand.

The value that Veronica and her team brought to my fledgling brand is priceless. 

Working with Veronica and her team means being held by super intuitive, soulfully smart midwives who birth your vision into the world. Now, every time I glance at my design I get a hit of Veronica’s creative energy. It inspires me every day to play with abandon doing the work I love.

Janet Kodish – Founder, Free Once Again

I am beyond thrilled with my work with Veronica. I have worked with other AWESOME branding agencies, however I have never felt so LIT UP and INSPIRED about my brand and the business I am building.

Veronica’s approach of using her intuitive guidance to connect to where you’re GOING, rather than where you’ve been is so distinct. I knew I needed to put myself in this space to create from an aligned place, and I am so glad I did. If you are a business owner with a spiritual foundation to who you are, run, don’t walk, to book a space with her.

Darla LeDoux – Founder, Sourced™, Best-selling author of Shift the Field

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