Evolve Your Visionary Business With A Soul-First Brand

As an intuitive and visionary leader, your brand needs to be built upon an INTERNAL VISION first (not an external one) because your brand needs continue to evolve as you do!


We help visionary leaders & coaches like you evolve their greater purpose with a strong, internal vision and intuitive guidance for a high-vibe, next-level brand.


We are living in different times now and things are changing. We are all being asked to bring our highest gifts forward in different ways than we ever have before. However, this may not fit your current business model.


This work won’t fit into an existing formula. We need to approach it in a very different and innovative way. One with a much more expansive definition of what a “brand” is. Branding visionary work demands an entirely different approach. It also requires inner alignment and internal shifts from you in order to step into this higher calling.


Evolvative™ gives you insight into the future landscape of business and branding and what you can do to show up as a leader and innovator in this new territory.

The Mandala Method™

is a groundbreaking approach of holistic and vibrational brand creation and evolution.

You are not one dimensional, and neither is your brand. You, my beautiful visionary, are multi-faceted, exquisitely nuanced and constantly evolving. Your brand needs to reflect this and be your North Star!

Success In Any Season Book

We all have definitions of personal and professional success – but what does it take to really get there? I’m excited to be among the amazing authors who share their stories of not only traversing incredible odds, but coming through on the other side at peace and truly successful. If success is the journey, this book lights the path!

Visionary Guide

More than ever, our work, our businesses, and lives have been asked to transform and evolve. Stepping forward powerfully, with our hearts and souls radiant and visible is possible and so needed now. This guide will help you better attune to the true nature of times so you can better express your soul purpose and lead with heart!


Learn about new ways of approaching branding and stepping into your greater purpose through your business.

10 Key Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

10 Key Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

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It’s Not Your Brand

It’s Not Your Brand

I’ve been playing with a new thought lately. Well, a new thought around an ancient idea, the idea of Divine Surrender. In drinking up Tosha Silver’s latest book, “It’s Not Your Money” (a great read, beautiful and wise, as are all her books), she speaks of letting...

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