In going through my journals and channeled work of the past couple decades, one of the entries I found was what I wrote the day I conceived of the Athena Matrix. You will see by the date this was shortly after the presidential inauguration, a time where some big shifts were taking place and feelings of fear and chaos were heightened for many. 

Now, I firmly believe that there are no accidents and that on some level we all create our reality, both individual and collective. So even though I also felt the collective unrest I also knew there was more happening than what we saw on the news. Something much bigger was afoot. As I explored this train of thought, what follows is what came out of me onto the page.

Even though this was written over four years ago now, I can’t help but feel how timely it is for this time we are in now. I hope it brings you some insights and inspiration as it did for me.

•  •  •  •  •

2 February 2017

We have all signed up to be here on this planet at this time. We not only accepted the assignment of being light-workers here in this life, in fact we eagerly waved our hands in the air and jumped at the chance! Now, this is the time for which we are meant. Now it is our time to rise up and shine in our full radiance, wisdom and power. 

What does our future hold and that of the economy, environment, the planet? People are unsure, I can feel the collective chaos and fear. At the same time I know Gaia cannot be destroyed. She is far more precious and powerful than we can even imagine. 

If we fight fear with fear or might with might, nothing will be gained or won. We must stand firm and trust the truth of our hearts. We can only rise above by wielding different “weapons” and empowering a different, higher, energy construct.

Our most powerful weapons are Love and Light. It is time to build those up individually and collectively to their full radiance and power. We must all rally. Our future depends on it.

You are called. Now is the time to answer that call.

You do not need to totally re-tool your life, though you may. You do not need to totally overhaul or change your business, though you may. What is needed is that you bring higher vibrations, hence more love and light, into every corner of your life in both thought and action.

So, what do you do? You have taken the leap to entrepreneurship or growing your small business. Perhaps you are already following your heart and gifts to offer your services in a heart-centered, soulful way. Perhaps you are just starting, yearning or feeling called to make a shift or take a leap to answer the call of your heart, but hesitate with the next step, the next leap.

Looking forward, as the existing, outdated structures fall, we will do best if new, sustainable, loving structures are already in place to carry us forward. Rather than squander our time and energy focusing on what is falling, we will do better to instead envision what wants to be created. If we can see what we want to collectively create anew, then we can indeed create it.

When I look at this energetically I can see it so clearly: there is one existing energy matrix that we have been operating within that is dissipating and crumbling. Rising up from under that is an exquisite matrix of light that is being formed by our collective dream for the future – a different way, a more balanced, compassionate and creative way of arranging and aligning our existence on the planet. The concept that is shown front and foremost to me is this: WE are the ones collectively creating this new matrix in real time, as we go. It is not preordained, not already set in stone. This is a divine collaboration by us with the forces of divine love and light to support us in its creation.

I want to create a network to nurture and encourage bringing this higher vibration to business (and to any structures that have strong patriarchal foundations that cry out for change).  I envision a new business framework based on collaboration and the entrepreneurial model. It is a model that mirrors our own personal growth into self-sovereignty and individual blossoming while fostering heart-centered connection and collaboration.

To usher our businesses forward, we will want to extend what we have been learning on a personal level – regular self-care, awakened consciousness, visioning, upgraded mindset, etc. – and bring those same changes to our businesses. If our business was us, how would we instill ways to gauge its health, build in self-caring, vision for it, improve it’s mindset and bake high-vibration into all systems of its brand (communication, interactions, services, internal and external behavior)?

We have seen a twisted version of business as autonomous being already existing in today’s world with corporations. But these are based on a patriarchal, unhealthy, and unsustainable model. If they were people, they would not be people we would want as friends or allies, certainly. They would not be, and are not worthy of our trust and respect.

But what if we could create our businesses as entities that were like good and humble friends with sound souls, generous hearts and a genuine desire to serve the greater good? If you have a good look around, you will see this happening already. You may even be one of them! Let’s take this idea into the future and envision a global framework based on it. One that is nurturing, celebrates each of us shining our unique light and gifts, that is organically sustainable. 

It IS possible, we need only to envision it, believe it and act on that divine vision

•  •  •  •  •

As I pondered this new trajectory of mine I searched for a name that would embody what this felt like, that described the breadth of what I was envisioning. This was very much the rise of the sacred feminine so I thought of different goddesses and ancient feminine archetypes. At first nothing quite clicked and then I thought of Athena. That was it! She embodied the sacred feminine  with great compassion, wisdom and vision, yes. And this was balanced within her by the sacred masculine with sacred structures, law and systems informed by the highest intentions and ideals. This was important because I could see we don’t just need intention and love, to make these shifts in 3D we also need new, inspired structures to support it and give our collective vision a place to land, to become real. The matrix came directly from my vision, as that is what we are collectively co-creating. When I whispered the name “Athena Matrix” aloud I got full body chills, and I knew. This was the name – and energy – to carry this forward.

I’ve since spent the past four years gestating this baby of mine, nurturing her along until she was ready to be birthed and be shared with the world. A very large part of this time was also devoted to deep healing, navigating dark nights of the soul and becoming the “ME” I had to become to hold this work and the expanded energy it requires.

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