I awoke with an image of a huge egg. An egg around the earth. Cracks, fissures forming and growing all around it with light finding its way through. The egg is cracking. The egg is a symbol of reality as we see it from a conscious perspective. It’s the reality we have collectively created and ascribed to. The reality we are attached to and have created everything around, and it’s cracking. What if reality as we know it totally blows apart or crumbles? What happens to all the outer things you bet everything on, looked to in order to define who you are?

This kind of shift asks us to do two things – to drop the bullshit and realize we are all connected, and wake up and shift to our inner life as the only true reality that we can bet it all on.

This is what we are being asked to prepare for. I know it can sound scary, even apocalyptic, but it doesn’t have to be. Though it may show up that way for many who are heavily invested or asleep in the fear vibration. Many others, most, will wake up and quite literally, see the light.
We are witnessing the cracking of our understanding you see. We fear that because it shakes and threatens to destroy the foundations we have built our lives, cultures, and world upon. No small thing. But what we have forgotten is that we created this moment for ourselves! We are not victims of this, we – on a soul level – are the orchestrators and divine creators creating the collective experiences that will bring us all back to ourselves and each other. It is at its very core an awakening of light and love.
This speaks to this concept of inner versus outer authority. It is this shift that we are being asked to awaken to, to become aware of on every level.
What authority do we look toward to create our outer reality? Our outer circumstances are there for us to see what our energy and beliefs and actions can create so we can interact, adjust and play with them. This is in every way what we have been doing, for good and for ill, because all is allowed. We are always at choice.
We have been able to see both our full light and full shadow reflected back to us through the creation of our outer reality. What do we choose? We get to choose, you see. This is the wisdom we are waking up to – that we get to choose – because we are creating it! Waking up to our power as divine creators. We are in fact, God. All of us, every one. Each a drop of the ocean of the divine universe. We are not separate or at the mercy of this great unimaginable force that is creation, we ARE it. Can you see? Are you afraid to hold this kind of power?

My guides step in to share directly:

This is what you’ve been training for all these decades, all these millennia, these eons before time. This is why most of you shrink back into choosing your dream of reality – it’s your ultimate video game, your ultimate meta-verse! All the while the real world – the infinity that is YOU – is all around you and within you, you’ve just been so invested in the dream that you’ve forgotten, save for a few fleeting moments spent in quietude, the grandeur of your true existence! All the wonders of the universe await you. Unlimited creative power asks you to come home to all that you are and so you have been presented in every moment with choice:   do I remember who I am or do I continue to play in the dream and trick myself into believing with every bit of will that the dream is all that is? When part of the whole game is that you go into it forgetting your essence and severing that remembering – and this is supported in your physical makeup by putting to sleep ninety percent of your DNA so that you could fully immerse yourself into this dream. You stacked all the odds against yourself to see if you could find your way back.

But the real excitement is this – that you would come into an uncharted space of not having to choose between the physical dream you’ve created and the knowing of who you are! Your souls all sat around in excitement at this idea, “what if we could return, not just to the etherial world, the energy realms of spirit, but do that while still in physical form, living on the earth! What would that be like?!”  You were all keen to try it – to explore your being-ness in a totally new way!

So this is where you find yourselves now, at this choice point. This is the process you are all in. The crumbling of the reality you created – the virtual reality you have been living within – in order to awaken to all that you are. And THEN…to create/re-create/co-create anew, the world you CHOOSE to live in.
This is why you are reminded to DREAM BIG, bigger than you ever have. THIS is why you have been reminded to strengthen your inner skills, to reawaken to your inner lives more and more. All to prepare you to shift into this new way of being. 
Those that have been holding tight to the dream will have the biggest jolt in waking up, but that too is the soul’s choice. Some people chose to be woken up by an alarm, or even a bracing dump of ice water rather than the more gradual method of gently coming to with the slowly increasing light of the rising sun. It’s all a choice! And every choice is okay! It’s just a CHOICE. Now the sun is moving up into the sky and for those still asleep deeply in their dark room it may feel as though someone has rudely snapped open all the curtains and let the blinding light in all at once. They may curse and shrink from the rude awakening, but they will awaken still. They may just need some extra coffee to come around haha. All will be well. It’s just A CHOICE. 
It’s just a choice! So what do you choose? In this moment, in this breath, in your life? Every moment you are at choice, whether you consciously realize it or not.
So as you witness the cracking of the egg of your dream reality, be kind and compassionate – both to yourself and to others – as you are all waking in different ways and at different times. It’s all just as it needs to be. All is well.

Choose your thoughts, choose your vibration, choose your own reality for yourself. Start stretching your creative muscle. Start stretching and trying out your wings dear ones, for – oh yes – you do have wings. And they are glorious indeed. ❤️

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