If you’ve followed me for a while, you know my approach to brands and businesses is more expansive than the usual mainstream definition. I talk about it more here and here.

Today my guides were quite adamant in sharing this message around this subject and taking it deeper, explaining some the energetics behind how we hold and carry the container of our brand. 

Your brand is an energy signature vibration that pulses through your body and your nervous system. It is literally a unique electrical current. 

Attune to it, learn to recognize it and practice bringing it forth on a regular basis, and it can help guide you forward with divine precision and grace. 

Just as you do this for your personal life through visualization and affirmations, you can do the same for your business for the way you express yourself through your work and your business  is an extension of you is it not? This is how you create the energetic containers that hold and define your sacred work – namely your business and brand. 

When you energize this from a place of connection with your soul and with source you create something that is for your highest good and the highest benefit of all because it is in harmony with the divine pulse of life.

Further, you each are attuned and designed for a very specific harmonic chord-song of frequencies. When you can find and create a harmonic that is in accord with your natural makeup then you find more fulfillment, joy and ease. Your being already knows this and will tell you if you will take the time and space to listen.

You may experience discord when this harmonic runs up against energetic patternings that you carry or hold from this life, your ancestral line or soul memory that are not in alignment. These experiences of discord are actually great gifts because they point you directly and lovingly to where your vibration is out of tune so that you can go about healing and clearing as you need to bring yourself closer to your true harmonic.

To translate this to your business, you can approach it in the same way. When discord raises its head in your business or work, be present and listen to where this is pointing to. With the same loving attention you practice with yourself, listen, feel and ask within for assistance and clarity to explore what needs to happen for your unique harmonic – and that of your business – to be restored. Approach with love and non-judgement and seek to heal and clear. The tools are the same. 

For those of you with larger companies it is the same. Your world does not realise and so does not approach with consciousness and awareness that your businesses are also living organisms of your own creation. They live, breathe and create, pulsing with the soul of conscious beings – whether it be 1, 3, 10, 100, thousands or even tens of thousands of precious humans – each one seeking their own path. 

Modern brand building, corporate culture, business ethos – even the recognizing of corporations as legally sovereign beings – all are attempts at expressing this innate and buried knowledge, even if at times the efforts are  limited or misguided. 

It is easy to see in your world what happens when these attempts are made and followed in the absence of higher consciousness and the vibration of love, with only the linear and ego mind leading. Power is misused and misdirected and in the long run, ends up not serving the business and its people, the people the business touches (clients/customers/shareholders), and your blessed mother earth because it is fundamentally out of sync with natural balance and universal law.

Ponder for a moment, what would be possible if higher consciousness were woven into every aspect of your business, of all businesses? If love, harmony, service, and stewardship were guiding principles and measures of a corporation’s success – your KPIs if you will? What would that make possible? What would change? What would open up?

Your mind may have a hard time believing that this is possible and that is fine. Expect that reaction and then kindly but firmly move it aside. For your lovely mind, amazing as it is, cannot process information of this magnitude. It will be able to help you later but for now, let it rest.

Right now, let this question of possibility dance through your body, lighting up new awareness, new electrical connections and neural pathways. Let this stream of possibility alight throughout your being like a butterfly alights on different flowers in a garden. No solutions or answers are necessary right now, just BE in the experience – allow yourself to simply experience the energy of this possibility.

Ask now, how this energy might look for you and your own workplace or business? Again simply allow and be present, let it show you. Is there an action you can take? No matter how infinitesimal, that would support this fresh energy or idea? Let this energy breathe through you. Allow yourself to remember how it feels in your body so you can come back to it whenever you like. With this, we have opened together the container for this new possibility and awakened it in your body and energy field.

You may wish to revisit this space and ask these questions regularly to explore new possibilities. We invite you to do so! Let the love in your heart and the inherent wisdom of your soul guide you and see what opens up for you.

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