What is the role of your brand? Is it to express you and your present business, accurately and fully to the people who matter to you? Is it to support you and your marketing efforts? To engage your right people and nurture them into clients?

Yes, your brand should do all these things. A good brand helps you to truly be seen and recognized for who you are by the right people.

When your brand is in alignment it is right there with you, supporting who you are right now. However,

…what about who you are becoming?

If your work starts to shift, grow or evolve (and let’s be honest, who’s isn’t?) then your brand can begin to lag behind you. You continue evolving and your work keeps evolving, however your brand remains pretty much static. When this gap between where you’re going and where your brand is starts to widen, your brand can begin to feel heavy. It can feel like more of a burden and not such a great fit anymore. That’s around the time most business leaders start thinking about rebranding, and rightly so.

What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if your brand could keep up with you as you change, grow and evolve?

And more than that, what if your brand could consistently be positioned ahead of you like your own personal North Star, beckoning and guiding you forward in to the highest expression of your business? Your soul’s work?

That paints quite a different picture, yes?

This is how I’ve always approached work with my clients. I’d dive deep into getting clear – and helping my clients get super clear on – where they’re going so I could design for that, ahead of the curve. The result was they could feel in alignment with their brand for longer than usual. The other result of this was they felt their brand beckoned them forward and asked them to live into their best expression of what they envisioned.

Now that my work focuses on visionary and transformative entrepreneurs I’ve noticed something else. They are constantly evolving at an accelerated rate.

These are people who, like me, are substantially and actively investing in their own personal growth so they can show up for their own clients at a consistently higher level. Because of this, their businesses also evolve more rapidly.

Their brands need to follow suit or be left in the dust. Their brands need to be nimble and responsive to keep ahead of their ongoing growth and transformation.

I believe this is the new way of branding. A brand that can remain out ahead of you is an asset, a touchstone and an inspiration.

So is your brand holding you back or drawing you forward? If you’d like to speak further, please apply for a 30-minute Brand Clarity Call, it’s my gift!