Is your work shifting and expanding? Can you sense that things are growing and changing in your business but you are not quite clear yet exactly how that will look? That’s okay!

Holding space for this new stage to take form can be a very powerful tool to help this process of your brand evolution along.

Whatever point you are at in your business, imagine there is an energetic container that your current brand is held in. There is not a lot of room for potential if your container is filled with older, heavier patterns, beliefs and energy that no longer serve you or match where you are going. Taking aligned steps and doing the deeper work to clear and prepare your energetic container for your next stage of growth is essential for your business.

It’s the same as with a garden – before you plant, you prepare the rich soil, you make the choices of what you want in your garden and what you don’t want. You take steps to protect your seedlings from elements and other damaging influences. You plant the seeds in ways that are most supportive of their unique growth. You tend and watch and wait. And then…forces of nature take hold. You continue tending and weeding, keeping the space clear and safe and nourished.

The seed holds its own wisdom of becoming.

You allow it to become. You do not try to force a tomato to become a cucumber! You are a steward and an active participant in the process.

You can do this with your brand as well. Create and hold space for what is becoming. Hold that sacred space even if you don’t know exactly what that will be yet – especially if you don’t clearly know the specifics yet!

This space is a signal to the Universe that you are ready to create. It’s also a signal to your budding vision that it has a welcoming and fertile place to enter and take root.

Follow your inner knowing, and trust that there is an energy behind your brand – just like that seed – that is connected on a soul level and already knows the trajectory of where it is going.

Trying to force this into a creation that is conceived solely from the mind allows for only a fraction of its potential to be unleashed. The soul behind your brand is naturally linked to YOU and what you are here to create. It’s linked to the highest expression of what you are here to do in this life and at this point in time. It is this link that is the key.

Speak power to what your soul wants to create. Prepare and hold a sacred space for it to become. Give it a place to take root and unfurl into its full potential!

.  .  .  .  .

This is part of the deeper level work I do with my clients. If it speaks to you and you’re ready to talk further you I invite you to schedule a complimentary Soulful Brand Clarity Call with me here.