We would like to address what is going on in your world and how you hold it in your daily awareness. It is a time where you are witnessing much that is breaking down and also much that is being newly created. With so much change people can feel overwhelmed and go into many  varying emotional states. These all contribute to the collective energetic environment which you all share. Sometimes it can feel positive, however, for many it is filled with fear or negativity.

For those of you who are particularly sensitive to energy, this can be particularly challenging and even debilitating. Even for those not typically as open, it is affecting them deeply and can no longer be ignored. It is easy to get sucked into the chaos and the many upsetting emotions that these things may bring up. You may also feel you want to ignore or hide from what is happening in order to regain some sense of peace. Both reactions are very understandable given the circumstances.

However, they are just that – reactions – and in reacting rather than intentionally responding, you give some of your power away.

What would be a more centered stance from an energy perspective, a stance in which you stand fully in your power? Remember that love neutralizes, it raises and lifts up. Love may be the last thing you feel when you observe some of the things going on around you, however, it can be the most influential weapon you wield.

It may help to bring to mind that the darkness that you witness coming up is being revealed because it is so desperately in need of healing. You are witnessing the death of too-rigid structures and highly outmoded forms of operating in the world. They have become far too small and their vibration too low to survive in the expanded and more heart-centered world that is emerging.

Hearts are uniting and finding their voice. Your greater collective consciousness is calling forward a higher-vibrational existence that is based in mutual benefit, support and celebration of life, not one based in control and fear. What you are creating is based in the much higher vibration of Love.

We remind you of the concepts of entrainment and quickening. When two disparate energies co-exist there is a natural striving for balance, they will naturally seek to harmonize and match vibration, each one making shifts to match up. There is also a tendency if both vibrations are healthy, for them to skew to the higher, this is quickening. If you lead with love and you hold that higher vibration as a clear possibility then you energetically beckon all other frequencies to rise to meet that.

You may also feel a pull downward, as you experience every time you subject yourself to things that exist very strongly in lower vibration and this is where your awareness and wisdom must come in. Often this is unintentional in others who simply don’t know how to lift themselves out of their own habitual, heavy or negative patterns. Also there is much of what you see that is designed to play on your fears and intentionally pull you off center with the full knowledge that this diminishes your power. Whatever the source, never forget that in every moment you have the power to choose how you respond.

There is great power in being able to gaze squarely at the truth of what is happening – whether on a global scale or an intimate one – and not shy away nor be pulled in, but to stand in your center and simply acknowledge truth. We are not saying not to act or engage if you feel called OR to disengage if you do feel called. What we are saying is honor what you feel called in any moment to do.

Respond from a conscious place, choose with intention and reclaim your energy.

You are far more powerful than you realize and your beautiful heart, soul and light are needed more than ever now. You bestow a great and profound blessing when you choose to put forth love in the face of fear. 

YOU are who you’ve been waiting for! BE the change of vibration you want to see around you and you will lift everything and everyone around you. Trust this, trust yourself and trust the divine power you wield with your love. 

Do not despair. Breathe. Take time as often as you can, to connect to the beautiful earth and with one another. Foster and craft the life that supports and nourishes you most deeply. When you do this, everyone wins and you just may change the world in the process. 🙂 

In love and light,

—The Wisdom Council