You are magic. 

We would like to remind you of your divinity.

This most powerful and divine expression has been relegated to fairy tales and children’s stories in your culture, and so it has been marginalized and deemed frivolous when actually this is far from the truth.

Magic is an expression of love, one facet of a magnificent jewel. It has the ability to transform, transmute and alchemize.

The energy of magic helps you lighten. It’s also the energy that helps you make quantum leaps. It informs delight, inspiration and whimsy. It’s the ingredient in all things that truly delight. It is the domain of the innocent so it is no wonder children are its prime believers and holders.

When you awaken and reach into higher expressions of your being, you engage the wisdom and power of magic. It is encoded in your DNA, but lays latent awaiting activation from you. Like a seed, it only needs fertile ground, nourishment and careful tending to break open and sprout. Tend it consistently and with love and it will grow healthy and strong, bearing magnificent and wonderful fruit to sweeten your life.

This is not something to fear as it is a form of your own power as a being. It is the power within, not an external force – this is a mistaken use of power. When this happens the magic is actually lost.

When called up through the heart and through the energy of universal love – its home energy – It is then completely transformative and you enter a realm where all things are possible. You transcend limitation.

We have noted before that this is the normal state of how the Universe operates, so when you can embrace this part of your divine inheritance you are simply coming home to your natural, intended state of being.

This is a state where light is the baseline frequency. 

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine for a moment the feeling of light, love and enchantment sparkle and dance through you. What does this feel like, how does your body respond to this frequency?

Allow this to flow easily through your whole being and cells to help them remember. Simply intend to let this possibility take root. Breathe and be with this as long as you like and when you’re ready open your eyes.

From this space all things are possible. 

May you know love and light and magic in all things.

—The Wisdom Council

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