Master your energy and the energy of your business, brand and life.

Energy is the foundation of everything in the universe, including you! It informs everything you do, everything you create, everything you are. You are literally a divine magnet, broadcasting your frequency signature 24/7 – no matter what you think or believe. So powerful! Because of this, your energy governs:

  • what, who, and all the circumstances you attract to you
  • what, who, and all the circumstances you attract into your business
  • your capacity to receive or repel all that you wish for and need (abundance, support, inspiration, etc).

When you learn how to master your own energy as well as that of your business, you are able to tap into a much more efficient and exciting layer of Who You Are that is in concert with the divine vibration of Source. This is the next level of learning and mastery as we individually and collectively, consciously co-create a new earth, new economy, new businesses, communities, systems and lifestyles that support our highest selves and our highest becoming and evolution on every level.

>> When you master the energy of your BUSINESS you are able to intentionally direct the intention behind your why, you more easily attract the right team, clients, solutions and ideas for new offerings when you know how to set and attune to this energy frequency in a fully conscious way.

>> When you master the energy of your BRAND, you understand that your brand is a living creation. You can finally find true clarity around what your brand is and access how the heart and soul of your brand want to be expressed through you and your business. You learn how to create and hold the energetic container of your brand so that your ideal clients will know on an authentic level that you are for (or not for) them. Sales transform into enriching connections, you and your team can more effortlessly BE the vibration of your brand.

>> When you learn to master the energy of YOU, you gain access to, and are able to inform, the quantum underpinnings of everything you create in your inner and outer life. No small thing!

What does it mean to manage and master your energy?

It’s about:

  • Choosing consciously where you direct your energy, choosing your vibration, shifting it at will, no matter your outer circumstances.
  • Upgrading your energetic and physical being to enable you to run more light, higher frequencies to facilitate your upgrade >> ascension.
  • Becoming more aware of your energy and vibrational frequency. Noticing, sensing at more nuanced levels.

Throughout life you are given opportunities to play with shifting your energy, choosing your focus and your vibration. Play – not work. Shifting from viewing them as problems or challenges to opportunities for play and discovery of new ways to approach literally CREATES your outer world as you go.

You are not a victim of your outer world nor a result of it. You are a creator OF it

AND you are here to learn to become a MASTER of your own divine reality.

As within, so without.

This is your sacred work (PLAY) at this time. The experience you came into this timeline for. Shifting from reacting/responding into masterfully CREATING from a higher space.

You do this by running higher frequencies through your physicality and funneling that into your current world, creating and catalyzing – upgrading – your new divine future reality.

You raise your vibration so the rest of the world can entrain to you, inspiring change by shining and expressing your light. And you cannot shine and share your light if your own living infrastructure cannot fully hold, embody and run the higher current of it. This is the circuitry upgrade process you are going through.

This is why often when you begin to push boundaries and explore new territory in your life or work, that you can find it a struggle or feel a bit lost, or not ready. Because some parts of your physicality, your energy matrix, are still upgrading and learning to hold said light vibrations. This is normal! And it is absolutely okay. Love yourself fully through this process. Whenever you find yourself feeling stuck this way, try shifting your awareness to holding and running higher frequency. Ask, “how can I attune my energy right now to a higher frequency of light?”

You will, as a collective, find that this mastery will serve you very well as you navigate the shifting tides of your outer world through the coming months and years. There may be challenges for you at various times, some of them possibly quite intense, and you will have the tools and the skills at your disposal to use them well and to enable you to decide how you choose to walk through them instead of falling victim to their waves of chaotic or lower frequency.

Take care not to hold yourself to perfection, rather step into gratitude that you have the tools to enable you to effectively choose your path. The path that is attuned to YOUR true heart and soul. You will be able to see with sharp awareness when you are not in your own light and course correct as needed. When you can do this at will, you become the master of your own life, you become divinely and truly sovereign unto your True Self.

This work/PLAY is exactly what my membership and community was created for. If you are interested in exploring your own energy mastery, I invite you to check out The Athena Matrix™ Collective. 

The Athena Matrix™ – Your path to Energy Mastery™ and co-creating a divinely inspired future!

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The Athena Matrix™ Collective

The Athena Matrix Collective is a high-vibe membership community to support you in mastering your energetic vibration so you can live aligned with who your soul came here to be.  This monthly framework supports you in a consistent way so you can continue to evolve, receive clarity and up-level your energy patterning AND learn how to powerfully integrate that into your life and work! 

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