The Athena Matrix Collective is a high-vibe community to support you in mastering your energetic vibration so you can live aligned with who your soul came here to be.  This monthly framework supports you in a consistent way so you can continue to evolve, receive clarity and up-level your energy patterning AND learn how to powerfully integrate that into your life and work!

As a member of the Athena Matrix Collective, each month you will receive two powerful live virtual group sessions with Veronica channeled and guided by the energy present that month:

    • One Channeled Shamanic Attunement and Activation to uplevel your energy patterning so you can receive more clarity and open up higher possibilities. Each month is unique to support the energy and evolution of the group.
    • One Integration and Implementation call to help you ground and weave the awakened energy into your life and business. True transformation happens when we are able to fully integrate new wisdom into our everyday life and these sessions are divinely designed specifically for that.
This was such a profound experience and session for me and I had some very powerful and touching experiences over the next few days. What an awesome gift you have! I could go on and on, but I have felt a vibrant shift of energy and lift in my soul…how does one thank someone for that?
Julie Flippin

Heart-Centered Coach and Intuitive, pocketsofjoy.ca

Your Membership includes:

  • LIVE Monthly Channeled Shamanic Attunement and Activation with Veronica – group zoom session and replay
  • LIVE Monthly Integration and Implementation Session with Veronica – group zoom session and replay
  • Private membership portal with all your call replays (and bonus recordings coming soon!)
After our very first call I experienced a number of big integrations and clearings on both emotional and physical levels. Just, WOW. The energy of this work is really powerful, palpable and a catalyst for my ongoing transformation. Your membership continues to support me in truly showing up in all areas of my life in my full truth and authenticity.
Gayle Nowak

Visibility Sage for New Earth Entrepreneurs, gaylenowak.com

Veronica and her guides lead me to such a beautiful place inside myself, one I couldn’t have imagined existed. That sense of beauty, wholeness and strength was a gift I carried with me back into everyday life. After our session I was able to access a new perspective on an old challenge I’d been facing and take new action. What a difference that shift made!
Lisa Dunford Dickman

Coach, Writer, Creative