I read recently that a new crop circle was found in the UK and once again was spellbound. The sacred geometry in them has always fascinated me. Hypotheses of their origin abound – from UFOs to midnight pranksters on tractors – and yet they continue to defy logical explanation. I find it a bit comical in a way because, truthfully, I don’t believe our logical minds are meant to “figure out” sacred geometry, galactic forms, light language and the like. These are only able to be understood on a deeper level because they are formed from a broader and higher perspective. They speak to the expanded part of our being, the part beyond linear thought.

Being a person who has always tended to translate everything into energetic terms, it seems so clear to me that these evocative forms are simply energy made visible, made manifest in 3D so we can witness it from our perspective and perhaps connect to something greater in the process. To witness…


This is exactly how you and I create our lives! Follow me here. We take everything from who we are, what we’ve experienced and we vibrate at our own unique energy signature. This has magnetized to us all that we now see and experience. 

We are the creators of every bit of the lives we now inhabit. 

But what if we could more consciously create how our highest self wishes to think, feel and vibrate? What if our energy signature wasn’t mostly created by where we’ve BEEN but rather from where our soul WANTS TO GO? What if that were the dominant vibration we were embodying?

It’s not enough to wish for that, though that is the perfect place to start. We need to be able to EMBODY the new energy signature we are dreaming of. This requires not only the desire, decision and will, it requires SKILL and it really requires UPGRADES – upgrades to our electromagnetic circuitry, to our DNA, to our emotional, mental, energetic and physical bodies.

The You that will become your soul’s dream is different from the You that got you where you are now.

Let that sink in for a moment. There is an expression of You that must be birthed in order for you to step into your soul’s purpose!

Stepping into the energy signature of your expanded future self NOW gives you a holistic experience of what that feels like when your whole being is aligned with your greater purpose.This helps you to entrain to this higher version of yourself.

This is exactly the space I am playing in now with my clients and what I have been guided to create through my membership community, the Athena Matrix™ Collective. It’s all about ENERGY MASTERY: essentially recalibrating your system to HOLD MORE LIGHT.

And this is not simply a feel-good idea my beautiful souls. It is IMPERATIVE if you are to do the things you came here to do – to bring the exquisitely singular gifts you alone came here to deliver and share. The time for putting it off until later or shying away from your brilliance is over sweet one. It’s time for you to become adept at managing your frequency and tuning your exquisite being to carry the higher energy field that supports your divine destiny.

Are you in? If any of this is speaking to you then it’s time to get in my orbit. I invite you to check out my membership and perhaps some private work with me and see what resonates best for you. Allow yourself to be supported, my magical friend 😉 and I look forward to seeing you soon!



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