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Discover what your guides and soul most want you to know at this time. I am a channel to help you access your deeper wisdom in service to your highest becoming.


"Veronica's sessions are nothing short of MAGIC!"

“I can’t recommend Veronica and her guides’ teaching enough. She is truly magical! Her one-on-one intuitive healing session alone (a bonus with this program!) is worth the price of admission.”

~ Lisa Dunford Dickman, Transformational Coach, Writer, Creator, LisaDunfordDickman.com


The Shamanic Consultancy™

Tap into the wisdom of your guides and co-create with Spirit as an integral part of your business and brand. This is the beautiful and profound power of The Shamanic Consultancy™.


I'm Veronica. I'm a shamanic practitioner, channel, business visionary, intuitive, transformational coach, best-selling author, and founder of Evolvative™ and the Athena Matrix™. On a spiritual journey since my youth, I experienced powerful awakenings through my 20s and 30s. In January of 2000 I began receiving channeled guidance from my wise circle of guides and teachers. Kept private until a few years ago, I now actively bring my mystical gifts forward to guide my business and client work.

Through my work I bring insight into the future landscape of what a business and a brand can be at their highest level and what others can do to show up as soul-led leaders and innovators in this new territory. Drawing on my varied experience from both the business and mystical worlds, I blend spiritual soul work with my revolutionary approach to creating and expressing fully aligned brands and businesses. How can I help you bring your sacred vision forward?

“After our very first session I experienced a number of big integrations and clearings on both emotional and physical levels. Just, WOW. The energy of this work is really powerful, palpable and a catalyst for my ongoing transformation.

Working with you supports me in truly showing up in all areas of my life in my full truth and authenticity.””

~ Gayle Nowak, Visibility Sage, gaylenowak.com

VIP Retreat

Catapult Your Evolution

This bespoke time with me is perfect for those who are ready to craft their next soul-inspired vision, divinely align their energy, and clear any blocks that are no longer true for them.
Are you ready to step into your soul’s calling? What’s possible when you honor your divine evolution? The sky’s the limit!

 If this is speaking to you, let’s chat and plan your custom VIP experience!

Let’s Go Deep and Rise

Transformational Private Coaching and VIP Experiences

Interested in working with me privately to evolve how your soul truly wants to express through your business, your life, and in the world? I  take a select number of clients each year for this bespoke and deeply transformational work. Let’s connect in a conversation and explore what that might look like!

“Veronica was able to receive messages from my guides instructing me on how to outsource my energy from the earth and above so as to not deplete my own. She gave me a sense of strength and abundance and capability which is exactly what I needed.

I’m now moving forward with excitement and curiosity rather than fear and dread — how much more delightful!!

Veronica’s wisdom is always spot on and she is able to tune into my souls highest good and the messages that will propel my growth and best self forward “

~ Hannah McKittrick, MyIntuitiveHealth.com

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