Have you been feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable in some aspects of your business or life lately?

Are changes and shifts showing up that are catching you off guard? This can naturally bring up feelings of fear, frustration or resistance. It can shake your confidence too. See if any of these sound familiar:


  • But wait… this approach/offering/formula always worked for me before!
  • What am I doing wrong?
  • What will others think of me?
  • I’m doubting myself/ my work/my abilities


Maybe you’ve had moments lately where you thought of throwing in the towel on your current business model or totally blowing it all up and starting fresh? 


It’s uncomfortable and pretty scary when these feelings upset the equilibrium of our comfort zone and especially when they rock our business, our creative expression and the source of our livelihood. Old survival fears and feelings of “not enough” or “who do I think I am?” can rear their heads prompting us to lament, “but I thought I healed and worked through all this already!”. Oh lawdy, do I feel you.


While these moments can feel confusing, difficult, and perhaps liberating all at the same time, here’s what I know to be true:


Sometimes things need to break down to make space for something new to be born. 


The good news is it’s a natural part of growth and can even be seen as a positive sign that you are ready to burst into your next phase of growth. With every single shift in my own business and brand, I went through (and am going through again as I write this) the uncomfortable boat-rocking stage . When I was able to get out of my mind and into my heart, I always find that Spirit is faithfully providing subtle (and not-so-subtle) nudges to help me see:


  • where I am out of alignment with what my soul truly wants to birth in the world
  • where I’m not playing full out in my truth (what I know I should be honoring, but am not)
  • where fear, resistance or old (outdated) patterns are not serving my greatest expression and keeping me from moving forward


Here’s the thing: when our soul feels the call to birth something new through us, the energy of that new soul baby will start causing shifts in our lives to make space for it to grow and blossom.

And just like a physical pregnancy, your soul baby has a gestational process to go through with similar needs for its healthy and loving growth.


Our soul baby is wise, it knows what it needs. Our job is to listen.


To take this metaphor a bit further, in the earliest stages you may not even realize you’re pregnant with this new creation, sensing only the earliest signs of discomfort and change that you can’t quite put your finger on: a general sense that something’s off or just…different. You may even be feeling like you have to throw up. Hey, we’ve all been there.


Once you’re aware that something is needing to shift in your brand and business you may still wonder what this will mean for your existing business model and what exactly you are supposed to do next? As we go through this evolution it can be hard to see what the path ahead looks like and how it will affect your brand, your business and your life.


This is a good time to check in and revisit each aspect of our business. I’ve created a simple exercise you can do to feel into and get clarity on your alignment and what may be changing  (have a journal handy to jot down insights): 


I’ve listed some main areas to explore below. As you read each one, take a few minutes to close your eyes, tune in and feel what’s going on in each part of your work. What does your intuition have to tell you?


  • Your offerings; the ways you work with your clients (1:1, group programs, courses, etc). 
    • Does each one still resonate for you? 
    • Which ones are the most fun and exciting for you? 
    • Which ones feel sticky or stagnant? 
    • Is there anything you’ve been wanting to do that you aren’t offering?
    • Would you change anything? If so, what?
  • Your business model
    • Is your business model fully serving you? 
    • Are there areas where you want to generate more income, visibility or authority? 
    • What are some businesses that you admire? 
    • What are they doing that works? 
    • What inspiration could you apply to your business?
  • The type of clients you’re working with 
    • What qualities do you love most? Least? 
    • Is there an untapped audience you’re not yet reaching who would be deeply served by your work?
  • Money 
    • Is the amount of income you’re generating feeling good to you? 
    • What would make you want to do a wild happy dance? 
    • What do you think is stopping you?
    • What would you change?


The act of simply going through each area of your business can often bring great clarity. It often also brings to light the most potent question:


  • what needs to die so that this new energy can be birthed through me?


What we choose to let go of is just as, if not more, important than what we choose to shift or add. Why? Because everything occupies energetic space in your being. Areas that feel stagnant, sticky or heavy  take energy away from you that you could be using to create and serve at a higher level. In contrast, the areas that feel lit up, inspired, light and fun actually add energy to us and feed us. The act of intentionally shedding, saying goodbye and letting things die or transmute that need to, frees up potent energetic space enabling us to move forward that much more easily.


Just because you know something new is forming up and starting to become real doesn’t mean that it stops being uncomfortable or that you won’t be faced with grappling with the unknown. And that’s okay


Nurture the process, bless it, allow the shifts and changes to flow as best you can because this beautiful, creative baby wants to be born specifically through YOU. It’s a great and beautiful gift and you can feel it. Breathe. You can do this dear one.


So, who you need to be(come) to hold this evolving, emerging energy? What version of YOU do you need to embody so you can carry this new energy forward?


As you are asked to step into the unknown, that’s precisely the time to double down on your faith in yourself and in Spirit. Lean into high-level support – the support of your guides and of Spirit – as well as your earthly community. Because this is territory that your mind alone is not capable of navigating. Its expertise is linear and it is simply not wired to comprehend this kind of expansion. However, your heart and soul ARE made for this. So this is where you need to lean into now – big time.


My message to you is this:


You are being asked to bring something bigger and higher vibration through you. Your life in its infinite wisdom is rearranging itself to support your beautiful becoming.


It’s time. Encourage this part of yourself, breathe, seek stillness and listen to the whispers of your inner wisdom. Let the ego mind go, take it out of the driver’s seat. It’s time for your soul to drive with spirit as your GPS. This is how we have to learn to navigate if we are to let our soul birth its next chapter into this world which so deeply needs our unique flavor of wisdom and brilliance.


Here’s to your next level expansion!



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