Spark Your Next Evolution

Things are shifting and your Soul has guidance to share with you. I help you tap into your inner soul wisdom and channel your guides and ancestors so you can move forward with renewed clarity and peace.

Let's do this together.

You’re one smart cookie, resourcefull as all get out and you can figure anything out if you put your mind to it. However, this next evolution of yours has been eluding you. Maybe it’s showing up in your business, in your relationships, or another area of your life. It feels different, not quite clear yet. Maybe even a little scary.

Having a helpful guide during times like these can make all the difference. Tapping into deeper knowing and clear, divine guidance goes beyond your logical mind and connects deeply with your heart and soul. When you come from this deeper, wise space and use THAT as your North Star, you can see farther, gain clarity into what’s truly important for you, honor ALL of Who You Are and most importantly, feel more joy in all areas of your business and life!

This is a great way to begin to explore what’s forming up for you on an energetic level so you can find clarity. Let’s take the first step together in a powerful 1:1 virtual Spark Intuitive Session as we discover and spark what’s next for your soul-led business and life!


What you need is the Spark!

Hi! I’m Veronica. Visionary Guide and Shamanic Business Intuitive


I blend my experience from shamanism, business, spirituality, marketing, channeling, and being a multi-passionate entrepreneur into my work.

Most of my life I kept my business and spiritual lives separate, and felt frustrated because my work didn’t align with who I truly was and the deeper gifts I felt called to share. It was only when I embraced my spiritual gifts WITHIN my work that things really blossomed for me.

Since you’re reading this, I’m betting you’re feeling a similar call. I want you to know that this magical synergy can happen for you too! It’s your time and your people crave the deeper gifts you have to share. Now more than ever the world needs our soulful brilliance to be fully seen. I am here to help you shine!

Your Session

We’ll put the full focus on you and your sacred work during this 75-minute session. We meet virtually on Zoom and explore what’s brewing in your energetic space, and where your soul is calling you to create now. I’ll share with you my intuitive hits, inspirations, insights and suggestions to help illuminate the SPARK of what is calling out to evolve and express in new ways.

The investment is $333. And, if you do decide to work with me, I’ll deduct that amount from your package price as my gift!

You’ll receive a questionnaire before our call which I’ll review before our time together. It’s a great first step to tap into the energy of your highest expression in any and all areas of your life. Let’s SPARK your next magical evolution!