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Welcome to a completely transformative approach to your brand.

As a creative, intuitive, visionary entrepreneur, the old way of building your brand falls short. Your work is holistic and multi-dimentional. The way you develop your brand demands a holistic approach.

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As an intuitive and visionary leader, your brand needs to be built upon and internal vision FIRST, not an external one. Diving deep first to discover your soul’s vision in co-creation with spirit makes ALL the difference in creating a brand foundation that can evolve with you and your truth. This is truly a ground-breaking approach to creating a soul-led brand for a new age of business!
I’ve been there too.
There is nothing else like this out there.
I decided to design this mini-course because I found other methods simply didn’t go far enough for my clients.

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That’s why I totally revamped my approach to branding to develop my ground-breaking Evolvative™ branding process. 

I’ve guided my clients to clarify their own expansive visions, and out of that, created beautiful brands that are:

  • uniquely them on every level
  • fully aligned with their heart and soul
  • able to be the “North Star” for them and their big vision
  • supportive and uplifting instead of feeling heavy or out of sync
  • magnetizing to their most aligned tribe
Hi, I’m Veronica Wirth, brand and business visionary, intuitive, change-maker, creative. I blend my experience from branding, shamanism, design, yoga, marketing, and the business, food and entertainment worlds. Most of my life I kept my business and spiritual lives separate, and frustrated because my business and brand didn’t align with who I truly was and my deeper work I felt called to share. It was only when I embraced my spiritual gifts WITHIN my work that things really blossomed for me. Now I help other visionaries do the same!

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