Deciding when it’s time to rebrand your business can be tricky. It’s a big decision and usually a sizable investment. It’s a big deal!

It’s a big deal because an aligned brand is essential to your business.

You may already be feeling the subtle (or not so subtle) nudges, but when is the right time? You may feel like you can always wait it out just a little longer, “I’ll do it when….”, and that “when” can become an eternally moving target, lasting months, even years. So, how do you know for sure when to take the plunge and start?

I’ve put together a punch-list for you in hopes it will help bring you some clarity. If you find yourself nodding yes to half or more of these, well lovely one, it’s time!

1Not feeling aligned – like “something’s just not right”

This happens often, especially for creative and visionary entrepreneurs. Sometimes it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what’s wrong but, boy, can you feel it! Your brand is just not reflecting with where you are now. It may feel “sticky” or like “something’s not quite right”. You may even feel frustration or start dreaming about ditching your existing website or brand entirely and starting over from scratch. These are signals of a deeper energy misalignment – you have been expanding and growing, so your brand has become out of alignment. It’s time to bring it up to speed!

2 – Your tribe is NOT pickin’ up what you’re layin’ down

If the amount of leads you’re attracting has been dropping and you’re not clear why, your brand is a good place to check. Maybe you are attracting clients, but they are not your ideal clients. At first glance, it can seem like a marketing and client avatar problem, and that’s often where I see people go to solve this one. While that is definitely an important area to explore and correct, in my experience, this points to a deeper issue of branding alignment.

3 – You’re significantly changing your offerings or your business model

The more major the shift, the more likely a rebrand will be in order. If you’ve been experiencing growth in your business or in yourself (which inevitably shows up in your business as well), often the first big changes to come are new ways to work with people and even changing up your business model. When you make foundational changes in your business, you will naturally be showing up differently. You will also likely be appealing to a different type of ideal client, so your messaging and voice will need to reflect that. Your brand will need to keep up with this healthy and exciting evolution!

4 – You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling

I find this is one of the most universal laments from clients and a sure sign you’re overdue for a rebrand. Do you find you’ve been feeling embarrassed to hand out your business card or send someone to your website without a full disclaimer first? That feeling of embarrassment is simply your own knowing that your brand is not reflecting who you’ve become. It’s normal and healthy for your business to keep growing and evolving, and your brand needs to keep pace with you, or ideally, light the way for you. Don’t let a misaligned brand halt your growth or hold you back. This can really hurt your business, not only to your bottom line, but also to your energy and how you show up. Others pick up on that, and you will likely see this mirrored in other areas as well.

5 – It no longer speaks to your big vision

When you started your business, I’m guessing you were on fire with a big vision that stirred you deeply. Along with growth, that vision will most likely evolve along with you over the course of your soul’s work. It may be in incremental shifts, deeper clarifications, or it may be tectonic shifts and a major pivot. Either way, if your big vision has changed dramatically since you created your existing brand, it is likely time to refresh and bring it into fresh alignment with your new vision.

6 – It just doesn’t “fit” anymore

You – and your business – have grown up! Often during the first iteration of our business, we are trying things out, saying yes to pretty much everything, finding our voice, and working hard to gain traction. After a time the traction gets its grip and you’ve gained clarity about what you most want to offer and the clients you truly adore working with. You’ve been through the ropes now, evolved both as a person and a business owner or CEO and know what you want, only your brand has not grown with you. It’s now outdated (or too dated). For you to move forward strongly, your brand needs to grow to encompass who you’ve become (and who you’re becoming!).

7 – You’re not clearly standing out in your niche

If you’re finding it hard to clearly describe what you offer and how you’re truly unique in what you do, some serious clarity is definitely in order. A good branding specialist is going to be able to help guide you to reconnect with not only where you are now, but also who you are becoming and what you are truly feeling called to create through your work. When you are anchored solidly in your soul’s vision and purpose, you are able to truly understand how your brilliance serves your tribe and speaking about your uniqueness will flow much more easily (and joyfully!).

8 – You’re struggling to charge what you’re truly worth

This is a biggie, folks, and often we don’t always equate this with a branding issue. There may be other factors at work, like really owning your amazing value, AND that’s exactly what a branding process that tackles those deeper levels can help open up. A brand that you’ve outgrown or that does not resonate with where you your soul’s work is going simply cannot provide the container and the confidence needed to hold your biggest, most bodacious work. When your brand fully expresses all that you are on every level, you are supported, charging your true value will be a natural response, AND your tribe will know immediately the level at which you work, before you even get on a call. Imagine what that would feel like! Pretty damn nice, right?

9 – Your brand is all over the place

Consistency, babe. Your business card still has your first logo on it (and a different typeface), while your social media is rocking a totally different look. Your blog post images are a melange of styles and colors with no one clear direction, and your website has seen a ton of iterations or feeling a little too DIY. When that new event you’re part of asks for a flyer or ad and you have no clue what to give them? Oh, girrrrlllll, it’s most definitely time for some deeper branding work, so you can get that brand identity tight and right.

10 – Marketing your biz is feeling unclear or “sticky”

It’s time to design some Facebook ads or write a new sales page but you find you suddenly have to clean the bathroom top to bottom, answer all those piled-up emails, or meet a friend for coffee instead (I know, I’ve been there). Avoidance. It’s what happens when you’re lacking clarity. And lack of clarity can dent your confidence and stall out your momentum in the things that will help your business most. Feeling sticky around your marketing and messaging is a sign of something deeper. When you’re anchored by an aligned brand that truly resonates for you, feels like YOU and acts as a touchstone for your big vision, your tone of voice and your clear messaging, marketing can be a breeze. If this is you, it’s likely time to gain that deeper clarity through a new look at your brand.

I hope these tips help you gain some more clarity around your brand and when to take then next leap!