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It is time…

It is time to bring your mastery of your energy to the next levels. This will serve you well in the months and years to come.

There will be challenges for many and sharpening your abilities in this area will not only help you open the potential path of ease and grace through this time, it will also – and perhaps most importantly – empower you to assist others with your unique gifts as they navigate challenges and seek to move into higher vibration and light.

You are all here to help and learn from one another but heart alone is not enough, and having the tools is not enough if you don’t know how to use them skillfully. You must practice and build mastery of your energy so you can become a benevolent and wise galactic citizen of light!

channeled message fromVeronica’s guides, The Council of Wisdom

This was the download I received that sparked me to create this program. The curriculum was divinely given to me by my guides. Their wisdom has never led me astray.

In walking my spritual path for over 40 years I have navigated extraordinary, sometimes inexplicable, experiences and many dark nights of the soul. I have worked and taught a variety of different healing and energy modalities through which I have gathered effective tools and insights into working with and managing my own energy.

Whether you are starting to dip your toes into the “woo” pool or you already swim in those waters, we can all benefit from fresh inspiration, new approaches, and sharing in community.

This will also be a vibrant co-creation with Spirit, which is very exciting! I was reminded by my guides as I was bringing this material forward, “you will not be teaching this alone, we will be by your side throughout and it will be a co-creation with us working through you. Trust.”

And so, here I stand dear friends, heeding Spirit’s call and inviting you to join me on this journey…


Sacred Energy Mastery™

Workshop Series

Learn to better manage your sacred energetic field so you can bravely follow your soul’s path and do the work you love.

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Your intuition, compassion, and sensitivity are some of your greatest gifts and part of what make what you do so unique and potent in what you do.

It’s time for you to elevate your energy so you can navigate these times adeptly, live your soul’s destiny, and illuminate the way for others.

You may be strong and adept in certain areas, yet even the most seasoned of us have areas where we can use some shoring up with how we manage our energy.

If you’re like me, your exquisite gifts can sometimes also feel like a challenge to manage. How do you protect and care for your highly tuned Self when you are able to sense and take in so much around you? Perhaps you can relate to some of these…

  • Do you often hide out for fear of “putting your heart out there” in your business or marketing?

YET…you have to be visible for your business to thrive so how do you find right alignment?

  • Do you experience taking on or processing your clients’ struggles, physical symptoms or emotions as if they’re your own?

YET…you’re not about to stop work and avoiding your souls’ calling in the world is not an option so what do you do?

  • Do you wish you could clearly communicate and receive guidance from spirit and your guides?

YET…you’re not sure how to go about it?

  • Do you tend to pick up on others’ emotions or find their (lower) energy running through you, then shut down your heart to protect yourself?

YET…shutting down is not sustainable or honoring of who you truly are. So what’s the answer?

Being highly sensitive and intuitive myself and in working with so many of you with similar gifts, I hear questions and concerns like this often. Even the most masterful at sharing their gifts can run up against very real challenges in skillfully mastering and caring for their own energy field.

That’s exactly why I developed this in-depth SACRED ENERGY MASTERY™ workshop series.

Imagine being able to…

  • skillfully create, hold, and close safe and potent energetic containers for sacred work
  • set powerful and clear intention to guide your work
  • know how and when to ask for support from the unseen realms with clarity and integrity
  • consistently set clear and healthy energy boundaries in your work and life
  • embody increased confidence to go deeper with your clients, knowing you’re safe
  • have more energy and find it easier to “recover” after big work
  • feel fully supported and connected to spirit and your guides, and be able to bring that more into your work and life?
  • have increased trust in yourself and your intuitive process

I want you to have the confidence to move through your life and work with an open heart while at the same time knowing you are fully protected, supported and able to skillfully maintain healthy energetic boundaries.

I would love for you to know the deep joy and peace that comes with having strong, open lines of communication with your guides and with spirit to enrich your work as well as personal life.

These are skills we can all benefit from as we light the way for others learning to listen more closely to their inner knowing and the whispers of their own hearts and souls.


The better you are at mastering your sacred energy, the more you can uplift the world with your unique light!

This was such a profound experience and session for me and I had some very powerful and touching experiences over the next few days. What an awesome gift you have! I could go on and on, but I have felt a vibrant shift of energy and lift in my soul…how does one thank someone for that?
Julie Flippin

Heart-Centered Coach and Intuitive,

Elevate Your Energy Skills

Step into a new level of skill in managing and creating positive change with your energy!


I’m Veronica, and I’ve been walking on my spiritual path for over 40 years. In my youth, I started experiencing powerful awakenings. As I grew into adulthood, I went through a number of personal initiations, worked in many healing modalities, and began receiving channeled guidance and profound training from my wise circle of spirit guides and teachers.

Kept private until a few years ago, I now actively bring my mystical gifts forward to guide my business and work as a shamanic practitioner, business visionary and futurist, intuitive, author, and founder of Evolvative™ and the Athena Matrix™,

I help my clients integrate their own soul wisdom into a new expression of their life and work and evolve into their greater soul’s purpose in their business, brand, and life.

Here are the key areas we’ll cover in this unique Workshop Series:


In this module we will cover the art of holding potent space.

  • setting and holding clear and intentional space
  • responsibly creating, opening and closing containers
  • exponential power – co-creating with your client(s) and spirit


    In this module we will cover the art of being supported.

    • meeting and working with your spirit team
    • you don’t have to be the lone wolf
    • asking for and feeling worthy of support
    • learning new ways to collaborate with your team and guides in work and life!

      Guarding the Sacred

      In this module we will cover the art of claiming your space and healthy boundaries.

      • setting and holding healthy boundaries and your energy integrity
      • energy clearing, purging and releasing, regular care
      • inner authority and invoking divine protection
      • tapping into your inner warrior

        Trust your Divine Power

        In this module we will cover the art of more deeply trusting your intuition.

        • increasing discernment and awareness in the spirit realm
        • summoning your inner warrior, it’s okay to be fierce
        • aligning with forces of the universe, sacred alliances

          Vessel of Light

          In this module we will cover the art of upleveling our bodies.

          • supporting your body as you work in the energetic realms
          • increasing capacity, supporting your physiology to be able to run higher frequency
          • intentional pattern shifting, DNA awakening

            Weaving Into Wholeness

            In this module we will cover the art of integration.

            • assimilation and taking it into the field
            • how does this shift your work, business, and life?
            • consciously co-creating our future with spirit and others of like mind

                Move Into Energetic Mastery

                Elevate the way you manage your sacred energetic field so you can bravely follow your soul’s path doing the work you love.

                What makes the SACRED ENERGY MASTERY™ program truly unique:

                In addition to teaching from my own experience, you will also receive direct channeled training and activations from my guides, sacred ancestors, and light beings called in for this group

                What’s included:

                • 6 live (via Zoom) weekly group workshops
                • email support through the length of the program
                • Share, ask questions and deepen connection in our own private online group.
                • BONUS 1 Receive FREE membership to my Athena Matrix™ Collective for the duration of the series. Value: over $200
                • BONUS 2  Pay in full and receive a FREE channeled intuitive healing session with me 1:1 (virtual or in person) as my gift to you – normally reserved exclusively for my private clients. Value: over $300
                • Your feedback will be a valuable part of sculpting the next version of these teachings. Have requests? I’ll do my best to integrate these into our teachings!
                • This is an amazing opportunity to join at this price (this program will eventually be offered in the $5000 – $6500 range).
                After our very first call I experienced a number of big integrations and clearings on both emotional and physical levels. Just, WOW. The energy of this work is really powerful, palpable and a catalyst for my ongoing transformation. Your membership continues to support me in truly showing up in all areas of my life in my full truth and authenticity.
                Gayle Nowak

                Visibility Sage for New Earth Entrepreneurs,

                Veronica and her guides lead me to such a beautiful place inside myself, one I couldn’t have imagined existed. That sense of beauty, wholeness and strength was a gift I carried with me back into everyday life. After our session I was able to access a new perspective on an old challenge I’d been facing and take new action. What a difference that shift made!
                Lisa Dunford Dickman

                Coach, Writer, Creative

                Please join me for this magical and powerful

                Elevate Your Energy Skills through

                SACRED ENERGY MASTERY™!

                  Where you will learn to trust, work with, protect, and expand your sacred energetic field so you can bravely follow your soul’s path. It’s your time dear one, listen to your heart.

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                  It’s Time To Shine Your Light

                  Step into a new level of skill in managing and creating positive change with your energy!