Energy Brand Magic

Welcome to soul-led branding for the future.

You are not one dimensional, and neither is your brand. You, my beautiful visionary, are multi-faceted, exquisitely nuanced and constantly evolving. Because you are no stranger to inner growth, you know that all parts of you are sacred and contribute to the whole of Who You Are. You’ve found you show up more authentically when all facets of you work in balance and are honored.

What if you approached your brand in the same way? What becomes possible for you? For your business?


Evolve your brand from a vision that’s deeply aligned with your soul.

Energy Brand Magic™ is a totally unique approach to birthing a brand and evolving your business. Based upon our proprietary system created for this work, The Mandala Method™ of Energetic Brand Strategy is a holistic and vibrational approach to brand creation, energetic business strategy, practice, and evolution.

We offer Energy Brand Magic™ in 2 ways:

  • an intimate group program or
  • a 1:1 VIP Retreat Experience


During the course of our work together you’ll receive:

  • 8 live group calls with me
  • We will open the sacred container for awakening your soul’s work
  • We tap into what is wanting to come through you now AND what is forming up for your soul on an energetic level.
  • I will guide you through my full Mandala Method™ as a framework for expressing your sacred work and brand
  • You’ll discover the key markers for your new brand including energetic, conceptual, and visual keys that will hold the frequency of your brand and speak directly on a vibrational level to the clients you are divinely meant to serve. .  
  • By the end of our time together you’ll have your own unique Brand Mandala™ which will act as both a guiding north star for you as well as a living tool you can revisit and use consistently to help you stay grounded in your new, higher alignment.


2 months FREE access to my Athena Matrix™ Collective membership. Join other high-vibe, conscious leaders like you in 2 virtual group calls each month! Potent light activations and channeled guidance come through to support our ongoing ascension and energy mastery.

Upgrade Option: Book a Private VIP Shamanic Visioning Session with me

How does your soul want to be expressed through your business and brand at this time? This is an immensely powerful and sacred window into how your business and brand are called to evolve into the future. My clients know this information is GOLD for their business!

All our private calls and sessions are done virtually via Zoom. You will receive a recording of each session.


When you are ready to dive deep this exclusive, sacred container is for you!

Let’s meet live for a delicious 3 day retreat in Vermont where we will dive deep and birth your next business and brand evolution in person! Part shamanic healing, energy activation, and brand jam session, we’ll fast-track your Brand Mandala™ creation process as we are guided by spirit. Although we will not cover everything in one weekend, you can expect powerful transformation and an elevation of the energy available to you as we start bringing your brand into being. Choosing to gift yourself with this live retreat is saying yes to amplifying your experience. There is an alchemical aspect that is magnified in our retreat container that is unique and can bring new dimensions to this process for you. 

During your time on retreat we will do your Intuitive Soul Energy Session in person in a sacred, healing location in the magical Mad River Valley. I’ll also arrange a special experience for us chosen to help immerse you into the vibe of your emerging brand. After the retreat we’ll continue your process through subsequent calls to bring you to completion as described above.

During the course of our work together you’ll receive:

  • VIP Sacred Shamanic Visioning Session
  • Sacred journeying to connect with your soul’s vision that is calling to be expressed through your work.
  • Channeled shamanic healing sessions specifically to clear and release what does not align with the energy you are being called to embody.
  • Sound and light activations to recalibrate energy patterns, allowing you to hold and sustain higher vibrations and more expansion.Going through my unique holistic approach to mapping all the aspects of your brand, creating a living blueprint that will inform how your brand will be expressed through all channels of your business.
  • Sacred ceremony to bring it all down to earth and anchor it in a powerful sacred container. We will empower the energy of it and activate your ability to embody this new expression of your brand.

This is powerful, transformational, deep work. It is not for everyone.


2 months FREE access to my Athena Matrix™ Collective membership. Join other high-vibe, conscious leaders like you in 2 virtual group calls each month! Potent light activations and channeled guidance come through to support our ongoing ascension and energy mastery.

Hello! I'm Veronica

I help visionary leaders & coaches like you evolve into their greater purpose with a high-vibe, next-level brand.
We are living in different times now and things are changing. We are all being asked to bring our highest gifts forward in different ways than we ever have before. However, this may not fit your current business model.
This work won’t fit into an existing formula. We need to approach it with a very different and innovative way of branding. Branding visionary work demands an entirely different approach. It also requires inner alignment and internal shifts from you in order to step into this higher calling.
I’m here to give you insight into the future landscape of business and branding and what you can do to show up as a leader and innovator in this new territory.

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