You are in a time that asks you increasingly to plumb the depths of what is not yet healed within you, what is not in alignment with your Divinity.

To do this you must gather the time and courage to look at your inner truths with unflinching, loving eyes and go about healing what is revealed to you. It is not always easy or pleasant! Because of this it is natural to want to avoid diving in deep and facing what must be faced so that you can continue to blossom and expand into your Truth.

It can be hard to look directly into the eyes of your insecurities and things you may view as weaknesses or faults. Of course from our point of view all is valuable and sacred and we see no imperfection in you – not because we are blind to it – but because we see far more than you can from your human perspective. We see you in your sacred Wholeness.

When you meditate or otherwise calm the mind and go within, you connect with deeper, wiser parts of yourself – parts of yourself that are in alignment with and connected to the God Self and the fullness of Source that made you. The more you can touch down into this space, the more you will feel connected and be able to access your own inner guidance.

Often what happens is you want the feelings that come with connection but attempt to seek that outside yourself, when of course it is only truly to be found within. This may be unconscious habits or patterning or you may be quite conscious of what you are doing, but dance around it.

You may then wonder to yourself,

“why do I avoid something I know is beneficial to me, something that I truly want?”

Because, dear ones, this is where the gates of your true power lie and that can be scary. It can feel big, overwhelming at times, but it is natural, this feeling. Like the little puppy who is startled and growls at his reflection the first time he sees himself in the mirror. “Who is this?” he says to himself.  All manner of running about and barking and fussing ensues until, at some point, he realizes this creature in the mirror is not going away and that it is indeed He. Fear and bravado turn to curiosity, then to calm and then finally comfort and embracing seeing himself as He Is. He can look upon his reflection and know without flinching, “it is I”.

So we can say to you that you make all manner of posturing by way of avoiding because you are now faced with the reflection of your true power being reflected back to you. You are facing your true self and learning to look your full self directly in the eye. It may be startling because this is not how you are accustomed to seeing yourself.

It is time to awaken to the awareness that you are much more expanded and more powerful than you have imagined.

Give yourself time to acclimate to this new level of knowing, time to embrace it. And most of all, don’t judge your process. The seedling does not scorn itself for not yet being a tree and berate itself for not growing faster or better. That would be absurd to imagine, yes? And yet you all do this to yourselves, you shame yourself, criticize and judge. You demand that you walk gracefully and perfectly through each stage of your growth process, but we say to you, we beg of you – LET THAT GO. Dare to be awkward, ungraceful, silly and ungainly, and in so doing, you are more beautiful than ever!

Do you remember those experiments children often did in grade school where they grew identical plants in two containers and spoke lovingly and encouragingly to one and berated and yelled at the other? In a very short amount of time the first flourished and the second withered. Do you see how powerful this inner voice is? We know this is not an unfamiliar concept to you, but we feel that it bears revisiting as it can be tricky at times. You must work to shift it and to bring a new attitude to the way you speak to yourself inwardly, and be consistent in order to make new habits. This is of great importance.

If it helps, whenever you catch yourself getting frustrated with the way your growth is unfolding or the way you are reacting to the pushing and stretching of your edges, or you realize you are judging yourself, imagine what you would say to that startled little pup or a frightened little child and give loving encouragement, for you are in the midst of bringing forth something of great beauty – YOU!