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I see you and your vision….

You’ve been getting the intuitive nudges and knowing in your bones for a while now. It’s time to bring forward a deeper, more expanded version of your business and a brand that supports that.

You’ve already done an amazing job of bringing your business to this stage and you’ve seen success, you’ve grown. Your hustle, heart and courage have done an amazing job! Wonderful! Now there’s something more that is wanting to be brought forth or integrated. Maybe it’s a new way of working, perhaps your ideal client has shifted or you want to birth some totally new offerings. Maybe you just know it’s got to change and you’re not exactly certain what it will look like yet. All these things are signs of your own growth.

Since you are deeply committed to becoming more authentic, joyful and more “you” in your own life, it’s only natural that this wonderful expanding of YOU flows into your heart’s work as well and shows up in your business.

The thing is…

…you may not quite know exactly what this new chapter will look like on every level. You can feel its stirrings and maybe you have even had some flashes and inspirations, and tried out some new ideas, yet things aren’t quite jelling. And your brand isn’t able to keep up (it’s often the last thing visionary entrepreneurs want to tackle). There’s a cohesiveness and consistency missing.

What’s more, your current brand isn’t fitting like it used to. There’s something out of alignment. Maybe you’ve become hesitant to send people to your website (without a disclaimer first 🙂 or you’ve been putting off rolling out that great new offering until you get your branding updated. Your current brand is not fully expressing who you are anymore and the business you’ve grown to be. Even more importantly……it’s not aligned with what you are creating next. 

You could use some help clarifying what is forming up on a deeper level and then bringing that into a beautiful form. You are ready for a brand container that is completely aligned with where you are going and fully dialed-in to this new expansion that is being created through you.

Imagine how it would feel to:

  • be radiating all of who you are in every part of your business
  • be attracting your star clients just by being your truest self
  • be truly ‘at home’ in your brand, more excited and proud to be seen
  • be fully supported and guided by your brand, not dragging it behind you (this is an energetic drag on YOU and your forward movement)

…and how you would feel when:

  • your tribe knows instantly in their gut that you’re the perfect person for them and they are impelled to act on that knowing.
  • your marketing feels more like your favourite jeans (you know, the ones that make your butt look amazing 🙂) than an ill-fitting jacket.
  • you know that every decision and action you’re taking is fully aligned with your soul’s purpose and taking you closer toward your big divine vision!
I know what it’s like to not have all of yourself able to be expressed in your business. Before I created a deeper vision for my business, and started reflecting that in my brand, I was not really communicating all of who I was. Consequently, I wasn’t attracting the clients I truly wanted to work with or working in the ways that lit me up the most. Everything felt sticky and I had a hard time justifying raising my prices. I kept attracting jobs that were not a good fit, I felt frustrated, like a fraud, and unsatisfied with where I was. It took me digging deep in a very intentional way to get clarity on how I really wanted – and needed – to show up.

As an intuitive and sensitive, it took a ton of energy for me to keep those parts of me separate. That resistance was a huge energy drain (maybe you already feel this, or maybe it’s showing up as things not flowing well in other areas of your business). For a long time I tried to talk myself into thinking it was okay, that I just had to hustle more, take a new course or refocus and get more organized. All I ended up was tired!

I was resisting what my soul already knew – that it was time to make these expansive nudges REAL and TANGIBLE. 

It was when I really got honest with myself and committed to honoring these stirrings of my soul, to bring those gifts forward into my work, that I truly blossomed. I discovered how liberating and joyful it is – even life-changing – when I could finally embrace my fullness in my business without apology. It’s been a total game-changer. The best part is, I’ve seen first hand the tremendous benefit this has been to my clients!

I see so many established entrepreneurs just like you, in the same place as I was. When a shift is stirring on a deeper level – even when you’re 100% committed to honoring it – it can be hard to get really clear on it and how it will translate on practical terms to your business and brand.

That’s why I totally revamped my approach to branding to develop my ground-breaking Evolvative™ branding process. 

I’ve guided my clients to clarify their own expansive visions, and out of that, created beautiful brands that are:

  • uniquely them on every level
  • fully aligned with their heart and soul
  • able to be the “North Star” for them and their big vision
  • supportive and uplifting instead of feeling heavy or out of sync
  • magnetizing to their most aligned tribe

Welcome to a bespoke and deeply soulful journey into the big vision and vibration of your evolving brand.

Over the course of 5 weeks (approximately), I and my team will focus all our visionary, intuitive and creative talents on YOU to call forward your most aligned brand into being.

I will guide you through my highly unique Evolvative™ process which centers around your own private, luxurious VIP Brand Retreat with my team and I. This process is highly intuitive, collaborative and high-vibe. During the retreat we go deeper to uncover what is being formed up in your energetic field and what is truly aligned with your soul’s purpose to establish the core foundations of your brand.

Why a retreat you ask? Why not just get to the nitty-gritty of values, brand descriptors and a gorgeous color palette and get going?

Because the work your soul came here to do is way more important than that.

Together we create a powerful and protected space where transformation is possible. With my team and I right there with you, holding space, brainstorming, deep listening and asking all the right questions, you have a highly unique and energetically charged space to breakthrough in your soul’s vision of what is possible. The transformations I have witnessed my clients make in this setting have been mind-blowing and truly expansive…and FUN!

“through the natural process of transformation, great leaps are indeed possible”

– Alana Fairchild, Sacred Rebels Oracle

We do the foundational work before our retreat so our time together is potent. Every retreat I do is unique and designed specifically with you and your brand in mind. This level of intuitive design sets the ideal space for your highest-level brand to emerge. In this empowering, collaborative setting we explore the highest expressions of what your brand potential anchored by the framework of my 5V™ process: Vision, Vibration, Voice, Visuals and Visibility.

Post-retreat we integrate all the new juicy information we’ve uncovered and ideas that came to light. From this we create a fully aligned and powerful container to hold your cohesive brand. By the time our month is finished you’ll have the core energetic pieces of your soul-aligned brand to serve as your north star, including:

  • Vision – your powerful brand vision, fully aligned with what is forming up for you and where your soul and spirit is calling you to go
  • Vibration – the core vibration and unique energy signature of your brand
  • Voice – your heart-inspired brand voice, including key messaging, POV, brand focus and core idea, strategy
  • Visuals – soul-aligned visual cues of your brand that carry your vibrational brand signature
  • Visibility – strategic, soulful guiding stars for taking your brand forward confidently

Because of the highly personalized nature of this work, I take only a limited number of clients per year. Are you one of them?

If this experience speaks to you or if something inside you is jumping up and down saying, “YES!!” then I would love to speak with you.

Contact me below to set up a time for us to talk in more detail. It would be my honor to help you bring your highest-level work into the light.

It’s your time!

From the heart,




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