The Athena Matrix™ Podcast

The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old but on building the new.


The Athena Matrix™ Podcast

Your place for inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with conscious leaders and visionaries who are bringing higher intention and intuition to the ways they do business. You’ll also find a sprinkling of channeled wisdom from my guides related to these lines of thought. We discuss the ways these change makers are shifting their companies and their work to be more in alignment with their hearts and souls, and what their high-level visions are for the new world we are collectively co-creating. We explore the impact of bringing the sacred into the realms of leadership and transforming the future of business as we raise the collective vibration on the planet.

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The Athena Matrix™ Podcast

Conversations around transforming business:

  • higher consciousness
  • bringing the sacred, soul and heart, into work/business
  • collaboration/co-creation with spirit
  • new more balanced, healthy, sustainable leadership
  • healthy feminine and masculine in business
  • nonhierarchical, council-based leadership/business model
  • aligned with universal and natural law
  • holistic brand that honors and integrates all these facets
  • company/business/corp as an interrelated part of an organic, benevolent, conscious whole
  • for the highest good of ALL – beings, earth – ALWAYS and FIRST

With people who:

  • are leading in a new or different/more feminine way
  • organize their business in a new way
  • integrating more femme way of doing business
  • doing, growing into or understand that the way we do business must evolve
  • helping others shift their business into new, more aligned ways
  • blending spirituality into their biz and/or helping others do that


In January of 2017 I received a very clear vision and intuitive download. I saw the current energy matrix surrounding our planet holding our systems in place. As it was crumbling and falling, a new matrix of light was being created and rising up to replace it. It was clear that we are the ones creating this new matrix. This is our task now.

THIS is the conversation needed NOW. We are so focussed on what is breaking and changing. What is wrong or not working. On the upset, the discomfort. 

We need to be focussing on what’s next. What do we want to create as a collective world? What’s the best possible scenario we can envision? How can we start holding that and vibrating that NOW? We MUST begin having this conversation and entertaining these dreams of a better world. This is the most powerful part of the dialogue. This is why the Athena Matrix™ Podcast was born. Fighting against does nothing if you can’t  and arresting actively envisioning, consistently holding, BE-ing what you are fighting FOR. What you want, what you dream is possible.
Your power to effect and create change is not to fight over what is wrong. Rather, it is to hold the vibration and vision of what is possible, of what you dream of from your heart and soul.
As you can do this consistently and be in this expanded space, this space of full possibility and the old will fade from reality by the way of the laws of energy. It will simply be eclipsed by the bright light of a higher vibrational vision.
The old, small energy cannot survive in the presence of light. It will either adjust and recalibrate to the higher vibration or self destruct, fizzling out into a mere wisp of smoke, dissipated on the wind. In the decades to come, once the shift has taken hold, you will barely be able to remember how it used to be. It will seem impossible, unconscionable that we were at one time so small, so fearful, so blind. We will make it to the other side of this and your job is to SEE and BE that now so you cast your anchor of light ahead of you and begin drawing yourself toward that in thought and energy and deed, like casting a fishing line far ahead and reeling yourself toward it. 
We each hold the power within us for higher, positive, and inspired change. Join the conversation and let’s co-create a better world for all.

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